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Manage your schedule!

We can adjust your availability to whatever you want and sync it all with Google calendar so you can take it with you and leverage all of the power of the Google. Add Staff Members and manage their availability so clients will be able to book their favorite person.

Manage Your Clients!

Keeping in touch with your clients or guests, we all know, is the key to long term success.  We believe firmly in the 80/20 rule and in turn, are able to provide the ability to track your client’s history and upcoming bookings, send automatic email reminders and professional invoices, get notified every time you get a message, and more!  Contact us now to see if we can get started!


Give your clients access

The Golden Business Model is to find one that works for you while you are sleeping! Imagine being able to showcase all your services to anyone at any time.


Accept Secure Payments!

Get paid, request deposits and sell membership plans online. Select from one of industry standard payment providers in 40+ currencies, all with zero commission. Build your brand by selecting from one of our tested layouts to display your services, add your images, fonts, and colors to match your business’ look and stay on brand.

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