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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we get the most.  Review these and if you still have some questions, please reach out to Red Lion Media and we can discuss your website wants and needs.

Can I manage my website when it is done?

Absolutely! It is one of the main tenants of RLM. You can mange it all or none or any where in between that you are comfortable. We know how difficult it is to maintain a website while trying to run your own business. RLM offers packages for monthly maintanence on your site that will fit any small business.

Will there be training to be able to update the site on my own?

Yes! We can schedule a CMS (Content Management System) training session once the site is done that will be tailored to your finished site.

How long will building my website take?

Well this will depend on how big is and what functions your website has in it. We can work together on a timeline that will meet your business needs. We can also launch a site in Phases so that we can stand something up as fast as we need and then launch additional items that weren't Day 1 critical.

How much will my website cost?

This will depend on how big your website is and what features and functions are in it. There are many factors that can help keep the cost down depending on what you are capable of doing and how much. Here is a list of non-technical items that you can do to keep the price down.

  • Supply all images
  • Supply all copy
  • Separate website build into phases (billed separately)
  • Procure your domain name

Can I pay a monthly plan to cover the cost of developing my site?

Yes you can! The times right now are challenging for all, but most importantly, now is the time when you need to stay in front of your clients the most. RLM will work with you to come up with a price that works for you, but will also spread those payments out in a way that will help us all get started!

How much does it cost for an estimate?

Nothing... Nada... Zip... Zilch... Zero. Estimates are FREE

Will my website look good and function completely on Mobile?

Yes it will. We often think Mobile-First when we are considering design and functionality as roughly 75% of all web traffic occurs on phones.

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