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Paid Plans

Convert one-time clients to returning clients 

We all want more work from our clients… with paid plans, you can take an “every so often” client and turn them into a regularly paying one! They can see right on your site what entails in each of your plans and you can control them in just about any way that you want.  The price and the duration of each plan are among the main components.


Connect plans to other features!

Paid plans can also be connected to other features within your site like your blog or bookings!  If you have premium content that only members can see or if you hold classes or seminars, Paid Plans are the way to manage them! Offer access to exclusive content with your plans and members-only pages.

Different Plan types!

Display the plans on your site for clients to purchase. You can offer one or multiple membership options tailormade to fit your business needs:

  • Subscription plans with recurring payments that can recur, weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

  • Membership plans that don't renew can create a membership for any time length of time.

  • Free plans also create a great gateway for users to eventually become paying members! 

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