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Are you on the right social channels for your business or message?

I bet that you are on a few channels like Instagram and Facebook as they are the giants in the field, but ask yourself... is this where all of my customers are that I want to reach?

Social network icons on a smart phone.

If your brand and business are very visual then, the Gram is likely one of the best places for you... that and Pinterest! If you use Instagram properly it can be very powerful, but there is a ton beyond posting pretty pictures. They are moving towards a visual search engine with the adoption of keywords. You can now be found with the use of proper keywords in all of your captions. This is not meant to replace hashtags, at least not yet, but they are now not the only way to be discovered. They have added Reels to keep up with Tik Tok and Stories as other methods of getting your messaging out there. Each type of post has different benefits to using them. Mostly centered around how users discover you. It takes a bit of deeper dive than this to sort out how to best use them, but it is certainly something that you should look at. I personally like sites like (Pronounced as You to Me). If you check here, you can see several courses that are all rated on IG Marketing. I suggest checking out a few of these and see how they pertain to your business. Again... the first thing is knowing your demo and where they consume social media.

If you are someone that deals in services and or consulting, maybe LinkedIn is a better place for posting. Here would be the place to post the interesting articles that you think are helpful or insightful. you have a bit more room to post on LI and the viewership there is far more likely to be in the mindset for a little deeper of a read. With that in mind, it matters when you post for LI as well. The times that people engage with LinkedIn are slightly different than IG and other platforms. In general, people are there in the AM and up to an including lunchtimes. See this screenshot here from SproutSocial. For maximum exposure consider using a social media scheduling app and time your posts for these darker areas below.

There are a bunch of social platforms out there and they all work a little differently. The key to takeaway here is, what does your business offer, where do your clients consume social media and what do you have to say. Take a fresh look at these aspects and try to align your offerings with the correct platforms and your guests.

If you want to start now and dive a little deeper try looking at this article as a jumping-off point. Most social media scheduling apps also have blogs that you should follow to gain some more insight into the landscape of Social Media! It's really so much more than pictures of your dogs while you are at brunch!

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