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Build a community!

Do you have a core group of clients that are loyal to you? How did you get them? Why are there not more of them? In today's world of "What have you done for me lately," it's really hard to hold onto loyal customers. There is always a better deal, or faster or something. It's the grass is always greener theory


An item to consider on your website is a member's area. Access here could be free to your clients. You can manage how that is handled or you could choose to monetize it if you are housing proprietary information or other valuable resources that only you can provide. You can have a blog like this one, a forum or members area where your users can discuss freely with you or each other or both!

Creating an area like this increases your authority on whatever subject matter your business revolves around so when it comes time that your clients, guest, and or members need your style of service, there you are... the purveyor of all things they need! They are comfortable with you and have a sense of brand trust which is worth its weight in GOLD.

As someone that would preside over this arena... this private VIP club, you would gain valuable insight into what your guests are into or thinking by their comments and questions on blog posts... comments and questions within the forum and the access that they have to you via the member's area. The best part about all of this is that it is asynchronous... meaning you can reply when you want to or are able to. That would be up to you. Armed with this information, you can begin to tailor your offerings around what they are concerned with.

If you are an annual service like an accountant, think of all the prep information that you could provide to your users via the member's area. How to prepare, what to bring with, what is important to discuss and more. You could give them a VIP method by which to schedule time with you and much more.

If any or all of this sounds like a good idea or is intriguing... let chat further about how we can tailor a member's area that works for you and your clients! Contact us now!


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