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Can I, should I put a cart on my site? #aloneTogether

Well, this is a question that is likely a no brainer for you... or is it? You say that you don't really have products like that... or do you? In a time where people may not be able to get to you, how do you keep some money coming in? Think about that for a second... Is there anything that you can offer? Can you offer a Gift Certificate or maybe a voucher for future services? It could be a service plan for consulting? These are all items that you can either redeem later or handle via virtual means. I know that this may seem foreign in your current paradigm, but this is the time to consider all options.

The Good News

If you are considering this as an alternative, you likely can get this stood up very quickly since you don't have a ton of options and or SKUs to set up. We can add one or two options in there and get that stood up quickly. So, you have that up and running now what do you do? Build it and they will come? Unlikely! This is when I would refer you to my previous blog post on How Good is Your Email Campaign Game? As with anything new... you should draft an email campaign and send it to your existing client base. There are some basic rules for that that I outline in the above-mentioned blog, but you now have a great reason to post on your social channels as well.

Its time to think about doing things differently. As the old saying goes, if you always do what you always did you will end up with what you already had. That is not what we want right now or ever really.

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