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I got a lot of hats!!

One of the biggest misconceptions about websites is that you can build it and then be ]done with it, never to be touched again. Or it is built with the intention that... "this time it will be different..." you're going to commit to updating the website yourself! Well... the reality of this is that business owners are responsible for so much already than maintaining a proper digital presence. You are just wearing WAY too many hats! It takes a lot to do this properly!

This problem is why a lot of small business websites look like they were built 10 years ago. They get built with the tech stack of the moment and look and feel that is popular at the time and then they are left to rot online forever. If you want some comparison and spend a fun few minutes online check out the Way Back machine here and look at some websites from yesteryear! If your website starts to look like one of these, then it is definitely time to call Red Lion Media and see if we can't help drag you into this century!

Let me first say that there is nothing wrong with doing your website on your own. It is something that a lot of business owners want to have total control over, being the Type A's that you are and all. What you quickly find out is that you want something beyond the templates that most web builders provide and then once you start to modify those handy templates, things fall apart quickly. It's not the fault of the web builder most of the time, it's just impossible to account for all things all the time that any one user may want to change and how they want to change it. It ultimately comes down to having to know a bit about web design and front-end development.

The next issue becomes that with just a little knowledge that you can do some light coding and pull off what you are looking for. That is great and news, and even better it is true! But now, you have your face in code documentation trying to sort out why you are getting coding errors, when you should be doing 1 of the 800 other things on your list.

There are too many of these web-based issues to list here for this quick snackable read. The point that we are hammering here is that the right partner to help you along here is going to be one of your more valuable business assets. Web design and maintenance is always been one of the issues in business that has the stigma of being expensive and overcharged for what is perceived to be simple edits. This is what has caused the rise of the DIY web builders. These are great but like most tools, they are better served in the hands of someone with more experience. When you consider this along with trying to stay on top of social media and getting your message out there, it makes owners wish for simpler times in which to conduct their business.

Let Red Lion Media help you and become your partner and help you manage this side of your business. We can be as involved as you want us to be or be on the other end of the phone when you need a trusted opinion and a helping hand!


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