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New site launch for Osceola Arts -

We worked closely with the theater and leveraged their established brand guidelines to create a look that is fresh and engaging. One of the tenants from the outset was to be able to show all that provides to the community beyond their amazing Broadway-style theater productions. We made a point of displaying the relevant sub-navigation that changes per section to make sure even a casual viewer can see other elements of their offerings with the intention of general education and to drive further engagement with Osceola Arts both on their campus and around the community.

Another key element of this rebuild was to pay very close attention to mobile browsing as well. The fresh and clean new look was carried over to the mobile version of the site to ensure that the user's experience was perfect no matter what platform they browsed the site on.

RLM will leverage Google Analytic information as we move into the future to further enhance the browsing experience based on real-world actuals.

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