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Video IS worth 1000 words x 1000 words!

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so what is a video worth? To me, that is at least 1000 x 1000 words... or A WHOLE BUNCH!! In today's world... video is king! YOu have YouTube videos of too many varieties to count, you have platforms like Tik Tok and now Instagram has Reels. Much like in the early days of the web there is a rush to get new and fresh video content to the masses!

The new social media has users consuming videos via their Stories, Reels, Fleets etc. One after another these videos entertain and inform and an astounding rate. So what are you waiting for... get in there! Wait, you don't like being on camera? Video something that pertains to what you are talking about or do a screengrab video and talk over it. I know video editing and tweaking seems challenging and of course... time-consuming! It doesn't have to be. There are a bunch of software applications that can help you! Quicktime itself will do a screen record. Just keep it short! Check out this article for some examples!

If you build your website with online builders like Wix... they provide a video maker within their CMS if you get the proper account type. That is a pretty handy item that comes with a lot of premade video formats and styles in there. Throw in some branded images and stock photography and you can know something out quickly and join the world of video on social. Another online service to consider is There you can create assets save them and then use them in video templates that you can edit and customize right there on the site, download them and post away! Just as simple as that... you have joined the video producing world!

Now the big question becomes... what to say or show? Well, that is the tough part now, isn't it? This is another situation where you need to look at what you are selling and where you are saying it. Keep it short and simple and include something for the viewer to do or a Call to Action for them to go see or read more. The attention span these days is kinda short so KISS it! In this case, that means Keep It Short Stupid!


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