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Web design - take the time!

Above the fold, below the fold... what the hell is the fold? Did you lay it out at all breakpoints? Templates are good, but do they fit your business? Will there be one that is laid out well for your viewers to be able to get to what matters to you? The point here is that even though the web builders do a pretty good job at coming up with designs that fit a lot of situations, it is very likely that you will need to tweak or downright change to fit your needs. The point here being that even if you use all templates, every one will need to be touched at all breakpoints. This is a time-consuming process.

Another design consideration is what content is above or below the fold. Now, above the fold is a throw back to newspaper layout and design and anything that was important had to be at the top of the page... or, above the fold in the paper.

So how does this relate to design, well today it means above the scroll. These are items that will tell the viewer why they are here, show off C2As or Call To Actions. These are Buy Now, Learn More and Enroll Now buttons and similar. These are different items that help steer your viewers into a conversion and is a good place for headers and stunning imagery to catch and hold a viewers attention.

Properly constructed conversion funnels is another item to consider when thinking about the layout and design of your pages. You need to figure out what a perfect site visit would be for your viewer and then construct it in a way that reduces or lowers any barriers for them to convert, and again, this needs to be evaluated on all three breakpoints.

The overriding point that I am trying to make here is most small businesses owners don't have the time they need to do all things they need to do just for the sake of the business, let alone design the perfect website as well. This is where we can help!


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