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You can design a website yourself... but should you?

Sure... all of the web builders let you layout your website by yourself, but should you? They will give you some nice-looking templates but this is for sure not a "one size fits all" scenario. When you consider changing the layout or including some additional functionality, it can get tricky quickly. There are a handful of items that we as web designers consider when we place something on a web page. Your website is the digital face of your company and likely it will need professional consideration as it is designed, laid out, filled in with your content, and deployed.

Design Boards
Design boards

You have just a few seconds to get and keep your viewers attention so we need to grab and hold their attention quickly. We want to turn them into a conversion... and there is a science to that. In a longer approach, the site can be designed and tested. Based on the results of said testing we can change up the design and the verbiage to better capture the imagination of your customers and viewers.

Picking a proper and modern color palette has an enormous impact as well. Colors that are welcoming and current convey a sense of contemporary confidence and a feeling that the content they are reading is current and it will convey a sense of comfort to the reader. The proper application of the color palette across the body, headers, sub-headers, etc. will allow the reader to easily look through the content and decide what you have attached importance to and to quickly understand the hierarchy of the site. You can be light and bright but there is a push to going to "Dark mode" so if your brand can pull it off, consider the darker colors. They are easier on the eyes!

Last in the 101 basics of design is you need to have a good eye for imagery! Infographics look great but are a real pain to lay one out that is meaningful to your content. Having images that help augment your message can be key, but if they are just kind of lame tock images they will drag down the overall impression of the site. Picking ones that have the correct content but the right coloring as well.

The long and short of this is most of us designers have been doing this for years. You can layout a website on your own, but there is truly so much to learn in order to do it properly that you will never be able to put it down, and the more you learn, the more that you will want to keep redoing it over and over again!


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