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Mobile Websites

Mobile First designs and development

If your site is not mobile ready, does it really even exist? The statistics prove this out.  In 2009 mobile website traffic accounted for less than 1% of all website views. By 2018, mobile website traffic accounted for 52.2% of all web traffic. You don't want to leave out over 50% of all your viewers by not being mobile-ready. So what does mobile mean to you?  Our mobile sites are simply a single website that rearranges itself depending on the device that is displaying it versus having a separate mobile version. Now we have one clean code base to edit so that all updates, once done are desktop and mobile-ready.  


Red Lion Media will craft a mobile website that is sleek and fast that drives your viewers directly to your conversion funnel.  RLM designs and develops with a “Mobile-First” sensibility catering to your mobile viewer. You will be able to review your site on desktop and mobile during the development process to ensure that we are on the correct path.  Contact us now to see if we can get started!

Display and sell all your goods and services in a beautiful online and on-brand store.

Get booked for the services on desktop and mobile.  Accept secure online payments or deposits and manage your schedule.

Get reoccurring revenue from your website visitors with tiered, paid plans and accept payments online. 

Your website will come with a mobile-first designed site to ensure your visitors have a great experience anywhere!

Send timely and on-brand email campaigns to your client base. Post to your main social media channels all in one place.

Contact Red Lion Media to get this started!

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