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Got classes? Get them online!

The golden business model is to find something that makes money while you sleep! #passiveIncome

Having classes for sale online will do a few things for you. It will homogenize you message... since everyone will be taking the same classes. It also opens you up to an audience around the world! Online classes can be grouped and sold as bundles or individually. They can be added to a user's profile and just about any other combination that works for you and your customers.

Even if you don't have classes as a part of your business, is there some part of what you offer that could be? It is a great way to offer as a reason for users to keep coming back. With a little extra info for them is also a great way to keep them loyal.

Adding classes and subscriptions to your site will be a great add to your site and a new path to make some extra money. Reach out to Red Lion Media today and we can get this started.


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